Medicare Carolina

Individuals of the age 65 and above, disabled individuals and blind people are eligible for the program for Medicaid.
North Carolina Medicare insurance supplements offer coverage depending upon the individual’s requirements and budget.
North Carolina Medicare Part D plans are provided by the private insurance firms which help with the coverage of expenses of prescription drugs.
North Carolina Medicare benefits are very much useful for the senior citizens as well as disabled people who need health assistance.
Medicaid provides services to the low-income people, kids, adults and disabled people.
Covers medical insurance including doctors’ services, outpatient services, home care health, preventive care help and medical equipments.

Medicare News

Latest Medicare News and updates. Stay informed on all things about Medicare.
  • Medicare Application

    First the individual should decide to register in both Part A and Part B or only Part A
  • Applying for Original Medicare

    An individual can register in Part A or Part B or both by visiting the Social Security official website.
  • Applying for Part D

    If the Medicare is the only health insurance source for any individual, he/she should think of the supplement coverage.
  • Basic plan of PPO

    provides the individuals with the opportunity to choose their physicians, lower cost for higher expenses
  • Standard Plan of PPO

    obtain a higher level of coverage than the basic plan of the PPO
  • North Carolina Smart Health Program

    provides different kinds of programs to help the individuals in maintaining health, consisting of the programs for immunizations, nutrition etc.

How to Become a Medicare Provider in North Carolina?

Medicare providers should apply for becoming a Medicare certified